Felt Ball Garland

Ok so lately I’ve been trying to redecorate my crafting area and decided to make a super cute and colorful garland with felt balls! This garland is very easy to make and it probably would’ve only taken me about 10-20 minutes if it wasn’t for my one year old trying to grab and play with all my crafting tools! 

Materials used

For this garland, you will only need: 
felt balls (the ones I got were 2.5” and used about 60. 
-bakers twine or string (length depends on how long you want your garland to be. For my garland, I used about 8 ft.)
-needle (make sure the needle has a pretty large hub so that it’s easy to attach the string)

First things first, collect the colors of your choosing. For my garland, I wanted to go with a super cute and festive color scheme. Lately I’ve been obsessed with rainbow and pastel colors so for this project I decided to go with rainbow. 

Secondly, you’ll want to attach the string to the needle. Then, simply insert the needle into your first felt ball. These felt balls won’t slide easily or fall out of the string unless you push them out but I still made a knot at the other end of the string just to be safe. 

Continue adding balls until you reach your desired length. Make a little knot to secure both ends and cut the remaining string and voila! This is the easiest craft ever and it makes such cute decor to accent any furniture in your home! 

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