The meaning within my work usually resonates with something personal in my life. For this series of artworks, I have chosen to speak about the hardships and joys of being a mother. I collected images from strangers who wanted to be part of this project and wanted to tell their stories about their own motherhood. It is very important to me that my artwork evokes different emotions, and every single one of these artworks has a story behind it that is beautiful, painful as both. Using different mediums and bringing them together to form an aesthetically pleasing work is also very important to me. I love working with a bright color palette because it resonates with how I feel about being a mother. For this collection, I used watercolors, soft pastels, colored pencil, and markers.

Motherhood #1
Quilled Paper Art on Watercolor Paper
Motherhood #2
Soft Pastels on Watercolor Paper
Motherhood #3
Watercolors on Watercolor Paper

Motherhood #4
Soft Pastels on watercolor paper

“It’s a video but I took a screenshot. It’s the only thing I have of him looking at me and smiling

He was almost 1. I still don’t understand how I didn’t know he had cancer, how I didn’t notice anything. He never showed any signs of cancer. I beat myself everyday. But I also know I did everything I could do & I was an amazing mom to him. I just hope he isn’t missing me..”


Motherhood #5
Chalk Pastels on watercolor paper

“Before children, I had never had any stretch marks. Even after my first child, I had only gained enough to count on one hand. After trying for almost two years for our second baby, my body is also loaded with stretch marks. I live in a very different body than I did before. But they are not tiger strips, they aren’t battle scars as some have said to try and “comfort me”. I am just a human experiencing a normal change in the body I’m living in. I appreciate that I get to live in the body, stretch marks and all. This body that carry’s me through all the seasons, and gives me children to love.”


Motherhood #6
Fine liner artist pen on watercolor paper

“I suffer from recurrent miscarriages and lost my daughter in the second trimester just before thanksgiving last year. Attached is a photo from the surgery I had to undergo to remove my daughter, Penelope. Or maybe you’d be interested in capturing her urn, which I also attached”


Motherhood #7
Watercolors on watercolor paper 12″x12″

“I’m a working mom. My twin girls were sent home from daycare sick and all needing love from mama. I found the African wrapper my mother-in-law had left me months before and used it like she did to hold one on my back as I cradled one in front. Exhausted from the day but glad to hold my babies close.”


Motherhood #8
Watercolors on Watercolor Paper

“She’s a rainbow baby. I love her so much and am so grateful for her”


Motherhood #9

A breastfeeding mom

Colored Pencil and copic markers on watercolor paper


Motherhood #10
Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

“Alek was born on 3/24 via emergency c-section. While in labor, I suffered a rare pregnancy complication. My splenic artery ruptured causing massive hemorrhage. Alek was without oxygen for 12 minutes. When he was delivered, he was pale and not breathing on his own. We were both intubated and he was sent to NICU for brain cooling and I was sent to the trauma ICU. He spent 6 days in nicu, defying all odds, and I spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Splenic artery rupture in pregnancy holds a survival rate of 25% for mom, and 5% for baby. He is my miracle. ♥️”


Acrylic on watercolor paper

“One of the hardest things was ending my maternity leave, going back to work after 4 months, and leaving my Emmi at home. Feeling my breasts full of milk after only 4 hours, leaking and trying to find a place to pump it all out. Then, I would refrigerate it and take it back to my son so that he was exclusively breastfed”


Motherhood #12
Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

“I’m a single mom. My husband passed before our son was born. It’s always been just me and my son… I would try to take him on a “family” weekend trip whenever I could. This is at Monticello 4 years ago on one of our “adventures”.”


Motherhood #13
Colored pencils on watercolor paper

“This was the moment I met my son who was born 6.5 weeks early via emergency C-section. I was terrified”


Soft Pastels on Watercolor Paper

“She had been in labor for 7 days. Things were finally picking up and it was really hard for her. She was having slow progression with her labor and we were doing a circuit to try and help pick things up.”

-Chaya (Birth Doula)

Motherhood #15
Watercolor Paper

“My daughter and me”


Motherhood #16
Pen on Watercolor Paper

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