Visual Culture Production 

Animating using Procreate

Why is the term “Alien” derogatory?

Federal law uses the term “alien”, to refer to a person who was born outside of the US. However, this term can be considered derogatory because it can literary make a person feel alienated. This term emphasizes that an “alien” immigrant is different, that they’ll never be like everyone else. On the other hand, the term immigrant by itself can still make someone feel like they can assimilate to their new life but “alien” fundamentally means you’re an outsider and will never be like them.

How to animate using Procreate


Written by Matthew A. Cherry and Illustrated by Vashti Harrison

Classroom Activity

Draw yourself in your happy, most comfortable place. Then using tracing paper, draw the same image but this time change your face expression, arm movement, or anything in the environment. Trace this image again and repeat the process. Work on a minimum of 5 images, then we will photograph the photos and using a program such as Stop Motion Studio, we will animate and present everyone’s story.

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