Inspired by one of my favorite artists, Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

This piece was created using the technique of quilling and paper cutting to create a beautiful sunset shared by many cultures across the world

Instagram Logo

Instagram logo. For this piece I first created the three dimensional white outline of the logo by cutting three separate strips of paper and gluing them together to form one unit. I used a sheet of white card-stock paper for the background and then proceeded to glue all the flowers into the logo. I arranged the colors in a way to simulate the original logo by Instagram.

A Quilled World
An Elegant Stallion

For this piece, I used warm colors and different shades of yellow and red were used to emphasize different parts of the stallion. The strips of paper were glued together in order to create a beautiful and delicate artwork.

A Journey Through the Starry Night
Acrylic Painting
A journey Through the Starry Night

A Journey Through the Starry Night is a piece that first was envisioned by collecting photos from different magazines to create a collage. After the collage was built, I used acrylic paint to recreate this piece in a larger scale. 

Wonders of the Sea

This piece is entirely made out of paper. The complimentary colors used in this piece make the fish stand out, and the way the paper flows brings out the dynamism of the ocean waves.  

Reasons to Celebrate

This observational painting was created by using acrylics on canvas. A small sponge was used to create the effect of the lights in the background. 

Dia de los Muertos Skull

This is a quilled and layered piece. The shape of the skull was made entirely with quilled white paper. The details of the skull were added to give the piece depth. 

Life is so Magical
The Wheel

A Wonderful Journey

This acrylic painting on canvas inspired by the beautiful wonders of the sea was made using soft brush strokes. The light coming through the surface of the ocean was created using a sponge, and the reflection of the water surface on the bottom of the sea was brought to life with a thin brush. 


For this piece, I felt like exploring different techniques and incorporating them into one. I first used the technique of quilling to create the planet, the river, and the moon. I then proceeded to draw and then cut-out the trees and the ground.

Finally, I created 3D triangles and glued them all together as part of the background. I wanted to create an abstract and unique work of art in which my imagination could really come to life.

Charcoal and Graphite Drawings

Hanging Jacket