Crayola Colored Pencils vs. Derwent—Coloursoft Colored Pencils

  • Crayola Colored Pencils 

What can I say about Crayola colored pencils; they are affordable, come with a great selection of colors, are perfect for children, and allow for a smooth transition between dark and lighter colors. The box of colored pencils I bought was about $2.49 and came with 12 different colors. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. When drawing on white paper, the pigment of each color comes out very bright. However, when drawing on a different colored paper, the tones look much dimmer than before. 

Crayola Colored Pencils on Strathmore Toned Gray Paper
  • Derwent–Coloursoft Colored Pencils

I am not going to lie, the Derwent-Coloursoft Colored Pencils can be much pricier but are so worth it! The box of 12 cost $32.99 and the downside is that the selection of colors isn’t as vibrant and diverse as the Crayola ones. However, when drawing with these you can feel the difference of how smooth and creamy they feel. The colors blend amazingly, and the pigment stays in every colored paper you decide to use. Spending this much on colored pencils is not worth it for smaller children, however, older kids who are passionate about art will find these a lot more useful than the Crayola ones.

Derwent-Coloursoft Colored Pencils on Strathmore Toned Gray Paper

Lets take a look at our Narwhal Whale drawings using these colored pencils!


So, which one is your favorite?

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